Dan Avery

  (Executive Director)

  Michelle Fulk

  (Office Manager / Administrative Assistant)

   (260) 449-7309

  Jeff Bradtmiller                     

  (Senior Transportation Planner)

  *  Air Quality Analysis

  *  Travel Demand Modeling

  *  Intersection/Corridor Analysis

  Jerry Foust

  (Senior Transportation Planner) 

  *  Air Quality Education and Marketing Activities

  *  Congestion Management

  *  Rural Transportation Planning

  *  Safety Management

  Matt Vondran

  (Senior Transportation Planner / Grant Administrator)

  *  Transit Planning

  *  Community Development Grant Administration

  Matt Peters

  (Principal Transportation Planner)

  *  Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

  *  Geographic Information System (GIS)

  Stacey Gorsuch

  (Principal Transportation Planner)

  *  Transportation Improvement Program

  *  ADA & Title VI Coordinator

  *  Intermodal Management 

  Kristine Christlieb

  (Principal Planner of Community Development)

  Kyle Quandt

  (Principal Planner / Finance and Grant Manager) 

  Lori Nagel

  (Associate Transportation Planner)

  *  Traffic Counts

  *  Travel Time & Delay Studies

  *  Intersection and Arterial Data Collection

  Stephen Bowersock

  (Associate Transportation Planner)

  *  Geographic Information System (GIS) 

  Jody Feasel

  (Transportation Planning Technician) 

  Matt Jeter

  (Transportation Planning Technician)

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200 East Berry Street, Suite 230
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Mon - Fri   8:00am - 4:30pm

Phone:  (260) 449-7309
Fax:  (260) 449-8652

Executive Director
Dan S. Avery

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